I became interested in Chatty Cathys after I had purchased one for my little sister for Christmas. It was just like the one she had as a little girl. She was so thrilled on that Christmas morning to have her old childhood doll return to her. I purchased her and then sent her out to be repaired. I have been collecting Chatties ever since. I used to sew Cabbage Patch clothes when my daughter was young,and started to sew again when I bought that first chatty. Of course, I needed models for these clothes. I decided that it couldn`t be that hard to fix them either! I was invited to join a doll club,and all the great tips I recieved from other Chatty Lovers, I now can restore these dolls to look almost like they did 40 years ago. Each doll is carefully taken apart and all parts are cleaned. I replace the broken parts and then chemically seal the dolls .Then by using special cleaning agents I restore the natual peachy coloring to their dear little faces. I also replace the teeth if they are missing. I have a person who makes them and they ARE just like the original ones. So, now that I am hooked, I figured that I`d start a site where other Chatty Lovers could come and browse, and maybe see something that they like and want to buy. I have been a pretty successful seller on Ebay under the name slh294ever, Sandy`s Creations. However with the ever rising costs associated with them, I decided to strike out on my own. I am by no means retired as of yet and work an extremely stressful job, as a Corrections Officer. This hobby of mine is a great outlet for all the stress, and that`s one of the reasons I love restoring dolls and making their clothes. I hope that you will take the time to look .around and enjoy. Hugs,Sandy