First Issue Brunette with        Amber Eyes

This a first issue doll. It has the cloth covered speaker, that is clean, and no markings on the back. She has beautiful amber eyes that are bright and shiny. They open and close as they should and has thick full lashes. The feckles and brows are still brown and vibrant. She has her original teeth. The lips and cheek blush have been redone with acrylic paint and sealed. Body is in very good condition with no marks or scrapes except for 2 small knicks on left ear. Not noticable as it is under the hair. Hair is full cleaned conditioned and boil permed. The doll has the putty colored limbs and all match. They are snug and will hold a pose. T The doll has been repaired to talk and says 11phrases that are quite loud for a first issue. Seam are chemically sealed and are neat and tight.

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