Hello Sandy,

I just received Chatty and have to say that she is one of the most prettiest little girls that I have ever bought! Her face and hair are so lovely,I was wondering if possibly you could tell me how you achieved her wonderful hairstyle? I have a couple of short-haired bobs and would just love for them to look just like her. Would it be possible to find out what size curlers you used to get the tight curl that she has. Thank-you so much! Phillis


Even more stunning than described. Just wonderful. Many thanks. A+++++++++++++++ back-to-bay ( 2817)  Jan-17-07 16:33


Beautiful Chatty! Excellent Transaction & Communication, Thank-you! ********* mylexx98 ( 523)  May-05-09 12:53

OMGosh! This outfit is SOOO adorable. Beautifully made. Thank you so much!!! cybertreasures60 ( 302)  Nov-19-08 12:19

Sandy, another million dollar dress! I love it thank you so much! A++++++++++++ chattyjeannie237 ( 129)  Nov-03-08 12:50

gerat sale cathy talks up a storm A+++++++++++++ ajoldcars1 ( 87)  May-06-08 07:25

Absolute beautiful talent, gorgeous dress & shoes so cute! Over & above AAA++++ loveyourcatsanddolls777 ( 39)  Mar-27-08 17:12

Undoubtedly one of the best seamtresses for CC dresses! Great seller! A+++++++++ ifixthumbys54 ( 138)  Mar-19-08 15:42


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Sandy, I wanted to let you know that Rosaleen recieved Rosebud and to say that she was surprised and delighted is putting it mildly. She called me on the phone just after the mailman had delivered it, and she opened the package than and there. When she saw the doll and than read the note, she literally cried in happiness. She was so moved that I had researched the availablity of her, and most of all that I sent it her way. It really made her day, and mine. I thank you so much for your proactive approach to business and It was a pleausre doing business with you. Thanks Sandy. Tracy



Hi, I want you to know that Candy arrived TODAY !!! She is beautiful and her hair has platinum highlights !!! I have always loved frosted hair and wear it that way still (65 yrs old) I just started collecting Chattys in December 2012 and Candy makes #11. I'm not planning to buy anymore as the house is full of other collections, mostly teddy bears. I'm very happy and Candy is a special addition.

Thanks so much, Rita

October 27 2013

She arrived safe and sound yesterday.  Her eyes are beautiful to see me with and she can now talk to me :-).  You did a wonderful job on the eyes; I really appreciate your efforts.




thanks again

February 21 2014.


My Wife's Chatty Cathy speaks again after many decades of silence.  The doll's voice took us back to our childhood.  She is very happy with both the restoration of Chatty's voice and the repair and beautification of Chatty's face and hair.

Thanks for the great work, Sandy!  8)


---   Andy & Mimi

I opened the box yesterday and was totally amazed at her transformation! The hair is beautiful and the eye and lashes look like new. Thanks so much for the beautiful job.  Nanci